CAMS F1 is able to develop the whole engine


The camshafts is a key component of the kinematic system and of critical importance in the engine dynamic. CAMS F1 is specialized in the designing of camshafts and it is a high precision manufactures of these important base components.


Anything is being sought, camshaft single prototype, construction of a race part, a single part for an old fashion car or bike, a small pre-production series or thousand of camshafts a year, CAMS F1 is the right name to consider. The engine is the heart of a motorbike and we have taken this in account and, being not satisfied with conventional solutions, we have made a further step ahead. Result: the SWING BOOST technology for the 2/4 valves for cylinder in the "project" for motorbikes engine is just an example of the engineering applied by our development center. The new cams profile geometry with increased performance allows a quick filling of the cylinders and an optimal combustion with reduced fuel consumption.


Cams description
The table below describes the cams characteristics according to the tuning level.

Camshaft typ
for 2006/2007



sport engine



sport/racing engine



racing engine



racing rs engine

Camshafts typ A B C  
Stock engine * * -
Stock engine with rear exhaust * - *
Stock engine with complete exhaust system * * -
Racing engine * * -

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